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Switch & Get An EXTRA $50

Get An Additional $50 Tax Credit

When You Switched From The Following 

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  • No Out of Pocket Money For Filing

  • Get Cash Advance (Up to $2,500 Within 48 Hours)**

  • Get Your Tax Refund Faster (As Few As 7 Days With Direct Bank Deposit).

  • Check Status of Your Tax Refund at Anytime

  • No Waiting In Lines or Making Appointments

  • Have A Real Person Help File Your Tax Refund From Your Phone

  • Live Help with AGI Questions

  • Get Help Importing Your AGI

  • Adjusted Gross Income Answers

Ask How You Can
Receive Up To
Within 48 Hours

 Get Help Importing Your AGI

We Can Help with Your AGI Questions


We are a group of accountants, enrolled agents and tax preparers with more than twenty years of experience. We began around the same time the internet came into play, and along the way we changed with the times.

Our mission is providing financial confidence by empowering our clients with financial awareness and year round support to insure stability and growth.

Financial health is the only way to insure future financial wealth.

  • W2 Tax Refund & Preparation

  • 1099 Tax Refund & Preparation

  • Wage Garnishment

  • State & Federal Tax Preparation

  • Self-Employed

  • Schedule C

  • Itemized Deductions

  • English & Spanish Support

  • Personal & Business Taxes

  • Year Round Bookkeeping

  • And Much More...

  • Call 1-877-249-1911

  • You Upload

  • We Organize & Fill In Accurately

  • You Sign Electronically

  • We E-File & Save Documents

  • Get Your Tax Refund As Fast As 7 Days

  • Easy - All you have to do is call 1-877-829-3135 answer a series of easy to understand questions during a simple online interview.

  • Secure - There is nothing to get lost, damaged or stolen.  Keep your information safe and get some peace of mind.  You can be confident that your tax return will be transmitted to the IRS securely.

  • Convenient - Anywhere you have internet connection you can file, from the comfort of your living room, on a bus, even on a beach on vacation.

  • Organization - Spending time going through piles of paper slows you down when most answers can be found a few keystrokes away.  By scanning documents electronic copies can be sorted, filed, and organized for quick retrieval when it matters most.

  • Automatic Backups - When you accidentally throw out an important paper it’s usually gone forever.  However maintaining electronic files in the cloud allows year long access whenever and wherever there is internet access.

** Cash Advance: One will receive $99 up to $2500 as a Cash advance from the tax refund due within 48 hours of filing with us.
Procedure is as followed: Client A called and filed with United Accounting Solutions (UAS) and Client A qualified for a refund of $5000, However, Client A need a little cash now. UAS submit the tax return for a refund and the IRS immediately accept the return. UAS then process a cash advance to Client A for $2500 and also notify the IRS of the Cash advance. In 7 days when the refund is released, the IRS deposit $2500 in Client A's Account and also pay back UAS the cash advance. 

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