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Our privacy policy document is designed for use in relation websites which collect and process personal information. Its purpose is to help website operators meet their obligations under US data protection legislation. This document has been used on hundreds of thousands of websites.

The privacy policy document covers, among other things, the following matters:

  • details of personal information collected by the website;

  • information about cookies used by the site;

  • details of how personal information is used;

  • details of specific situations in which personal information may be disclosed to third parties;

  • information about extra-EEA transfers of personal data; and

  • information about data security.

Please read the notes accompanying the privacy policy very carefully. You will of course need to adapt the privacy policy to suit your website and business. It may not be suitable for websites which collect or process large volumes of personal information or sensitive personal information; nor may it be it suitable for websites which make complex or unusual or unexpected uses of personal information.

In relation to cookies, the privacy policy includes a statement to the effect that users consent to the use of cookies. However, this will not necessarily satisfy the cookies consent requirement under the new cookie laws.

Data protection law is not straightforward, and if you are in any doubt you should take professional advice.

Our full range of privacy and cookies policies

We supply a range of privacy and cookie documents on our ecommerce websites, website-contracts, and Docular.

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